Hot Dots Rebrand

Hot Dots rebrand BRIEF Hot Dots is an educational line of books and cards with an interactive pen that allows children to engage with content and learn with minimal adult guidance. The decades old brand was a top seller at Educational Insights and was well overdue for a refresh of the look. I spearheaded competitive […]

Bolt Buddies

Bolt Buddies BRIEF Bolt Buddies is a new line from Design & Drill that introduces kids to STEM play by using a real, working drill to build a toy set. We wanted to show the imaginative element as well as the eco-friendly packaging that becomes part of the play set when turned inside out! MY […]

Puzzle Week Kanoodle Campaign

Kanoodle Digital campaign BRIEF The goal was to create an integrated campaign to promote the full line of Kanoodle puzzles for National Puzzle Week. Kanoodle is a very popular handheld puzzle, but we wanted to promote the full line and tell the story of how you can ladder up your skills with different levels of […]


Papercraft BRIEF I was tasked with branding a new line of paper dolls for Educational Insights. I created the logo and line look as well as art directed the illustration and lifestyle photoshoot. To help launch the new product line, I created animated ads to show how to use the product. I also created landing […]

310 Nutrition

310 nutrition BRIEF I worked on the creative team that rebranded the 310 packaging and launched a series of photos and videos that helped our target audience understand how to use the various products. We also created a series of videos to show how to use the gym equipment, and launched an email and web […]


Zoomigos BRIEF I worked with the product development team to create this new line of toys including everything from concepting the characters and vehicle combinations to directing the ID and colors. I then handled all branding, packaging, and video for the product launch. Once the toy was produced, I art directed and produced all lifestyle […]