Kanoodle Digital campaign


The goal was to create an integrated campaign to promote the full line of Kanoodle puzzles for National Puzzle Week. Kanoodle is a very popular handheld puzzle, but we wanted to promote the full line and tell the story of how you can ladder up your skills with different levels of difficulty. We also wanted to cross sell another popular product called Brainbolt.

As most people shop on amazon, I sketched a wireframe for a landing page and shared it with the copywriter and got to work on concepts to tell a story about the line. I art directed several photoshoots, storyboarded and photographed/edited a stop animation, got buy in on the look and feel of the campaign and designed the landing page, emails, and social media assets.



The first task was to tell a clear story of the laddering of skills within the line. I sketched up this wireframe and gave it to the copywriter so he would know what I needed to achieve this goal.

Amazon landing page

The next step was to design and get buy in on the new landing page so that, once approved, I could ensure the entire campaign had consistent visuals and messaging. 

As you can see this was quite a step up from the story and visuals that were previously on this page

Email design

As part of buy-in for the look and feel of the campaign, I created two emails in the same style as the landing page. Upon approval, I was able to art direct other design team members on additional social assets. 


I storyboarded a stop animation concept for the lead puzzle in this line then photographed and edited it in After Effects.

As part of a social media push, I created this animation to promote the puzzle giveaway on Instagram and Facebook.


I produced and art directed several photoshoots to gain enough assets from all the puzzles in this line.