Liesl Kadile


About Me

Liesl Kadile
Art Director

Becoming an artist is a journey that has no final destination other than growth. My travels into the art realm  began when I was in college getting a degree in Psychology.

My favorite class was cognitive psychology, where I was able to dive into how the brain interprets visual data. I was fascinated and fell in love with applying the concepts of Gestalt Psychology to my doodles, my photography, and my lettering.

Shortly after I fell in love with the geeky functions of the brain, I launched a freelance design and photography business, Psychology degree be damned (although I will say it has come in handy when I feel the need to diagnose some of my clients). After over a decade of being a professional freelance artist, I decided to return to school to study advertising.

My hope was to be able to combine my love of psychology and how the brain interprets visuals with my love of design and copywriting. 

The crazy result of this never ending journey is that I have been able to do everything from write research papers on sibling rivalries, write and art direct commercials, photograph celebrities, and even create 3d animations of products. What a fun trip it’s been. I hope it gets trippier.