Schleich Social Campaign


With Schleich, the whole world is in your hands. Schleich is a brand that believes telling stories is far more than just daydreaming. I was tasked with developing a year long social media campaign  of over 30 assets that would set the company posts apart from UGC, but still have the look and feel of user generated content, as that tends to perform very well on their channels.

The majority of UGC they receive from fans and collectors involve scaling environments to suit the figurines. To stand apart, we chose the mischievous route of determining how the animals would interact with a human sized environment when the humans are away.

As Schleich is a global brand, we learned from the feedback of our first creative brainstorm that the majority of the images needed to work in a way that required no copy and would be internationally understood. So for example, our concept of “Toucans on Two Cans” would not work globally (it doesn’t translate), so it was back to the drawing board (literally) for about half of our proposed concepts. In the end we were able to deliver over 50 final concepts with over 400 assets to the company. I cannot release them all as this is a current running campaign but you can contact me for the full gallery.



If you would like to see this full project please contact me as this is a current campaign and I cannot release all assets until it is over. 



To view the full unreleased gallery please contact me.