Liesl Kadile



Give More Campaign


After a public relations issue, Lululemon needed to elevate the perception of its brand once again and regain the trust of its loyal customers. I wanted to develop a concept that would elevate the brand perception in key demographics. This campaign was concept only, not commissioned by the company.



Case Study


This is a basic overview of my research and concept. Please contact me for a full executive summary, case study, demographic research and marketing plan.

Campaign Concept

After researching, I came up with a concept for a new product for pregnant and post-partum athletes that has more give and support in order to last during intense body changes. Women who purchase from this line would know that the product has more give, but also that the company would give more to Women for Women.

I created some sketches, some loose copy, and a color palette and then planned photoshoots to target the 3 audiences of Yogis, Runners and Lifters.


I commissioned some pregnant and post-partum friends to model for this concept. Location scouting and photography by Liesl Kadile.

Creative collateral

I combined the copy concept with the photography to create several media assets. I researched costing and placement, for a detailed budget and case study please contact me.