Writing for SEO

Writing for SEO

This is not the first time I have talked about writing for SEO, you can see more ideas about writing style and how we can connect with people AND robots in the same post by reading this article. But right now I just wanted to address some incredibly practical applications that anyone (yes, that means you) can implement in order to achieve better search engine optimization ranking.

To do this, I am taking a recent post and rewriting it. On my blog, I use Yoast SEO to help me gage how well my SEO keywords are fairing. It’s intolerably easy to use. Let me know you how it works. I recently wrote a post about using Storytelling for Content Marketing. It’s a pretty straight forward post, but when I first published it, Yoast told me it was readable, but not very optimized for search engines. I had a “yellow” light:

writing for seo using yoast

By examining the few tips they gave me, I was able to rewrite my introduction, use my key phrase one more time, and edit my Meta Data snippet.


This five minute effort took me from orange to green light! Although writing for SEO might seem overwhelming at first, I highly recommend finding a widget that can guide you through the process. You will soon find that, with minimal effort, you will be ranking higher and higher!

And what about this post, you may be wondering? With a keyword of writing for SEO this post is green light and ready to go!

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