Frequency Separation (AKA Airbrushing) Photoshop Skin Retouch Tutorial

Photoshop Skin Retouch Tutorial: Frequency Separation (AKA Airbrushing)

How do those models get that perfect skin? You can see the texture of the pores but they are blemish free! That bit of magic is called frequency separation. By separating the smoothness of the color and light in the skin yet keeping the texture, we can eliminate blemishes but keep the natural texture of the skin in tact.

Frequency separation technique is one that is essential in the world of fashion and advertising. Let’s face it, no one has perfect skin. But when we see images that are overly softened or airbrushed they begin to look plastic.

I use this technique most often when retouching fashion images or professional head shots. However for this tutorial, I chose a simple, available light image shot outside, as I feel this is the application that most people would use it for. I used CS6 for this tutorial, but it is applicable in Photoshop CC as well.


As always, if you have any question feel free to contact me, and if you need a professional photographer or retoucher for an upcoming project please reach out to me!

Liesl Kadile

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