5 Steps to Build a Good SO SEO Path

5 Steps to Build a Good SO SEO Path

Yes, you read that correctly. 5 Steps to Build a Good SO SEO Path. Not Sociopath. Not as in, how to become like all the crazies. But SO-SEO path, as in good copywriting for Social and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I recently read this article by Alicia Thomas and it inspired me to distill some thoughts onto proverbial paper, as it were. Her article is especially relevant in today’s online economy fighting for the split second attention afforded us by our vast audience of passers by.

Lately everything is hybrid; from your half electric car to your half decaf half latte frappawhatever from your favorite local coffee bar.

What? A coffee bar? Was that even a thing 20 years ago? Times are changing, and your writing style should as well.

Just as technology hubs and gastro pubs are breeding hybrids, the new strategy for copywriters is shifting toward a social-SEO hybrid style, AKA SO-SEO. And it follows a distinct path. Yes, I am advising you to follow a SO-SEO PATH. Don’t worry, you will be fine.

Love People. Love Robots.

The SO-SEO path understands keyword-based copywriting. On your long journey down the rabbit hole which is the internet, remember that humans are not the only divine beings digesting your hybrid dish of delectable information. This ain’t no science fiction joke, there are literally robots reading your copy. They don’t think. They don’t feel. Sure they can follow an algorithm or two, but what they really want to see is formulaic evidence that your content  concoction is relevant to the masses. Nonetheless, my young padawan, keep the end user in mind; the non-robotic minds of your target audience. Do they want to be entertained? Informed? Keeping both robots and humans in mind is an essential part of a SO-SEO Path. Don’t overuse keywords and make content unreadable, but be sure to use those keywords in your title, header, and a bit in the copy. Love imagery? Use keywords on the image titles as well, but don’t over do it, make sure it is relevant!

You Have To Attract Before You Can Retain

A strong title will not only make robots happy, it will attract potential readers interested in your content. Think about it, you might have the best information to share ON THE INTERNET! Does it matter? Well, sure. Does it make a difference? Well, not really. Not if it’s not in front of the right audience.How can we make a title compelling? How about a call to action with a sense of urgency (“Read This or Die!) or a play on words (5 Steps to build a good SO-SEO Path). A strong title needs to be SEO friendly but also compelling enough to attract non-robotic minds in a vast world of information that is constantly vying for a millisecond of their eye ball attention.

STEP 3 On a Good SO-SEO Path

Keep is simple, sweetheart. Both robots and humanoids a like prefer to digest online delicacies one sweet bite at a time. For the robots, we can blame their antiquated algorithms; one concept at a time is plenty for them to process. For humans, I blame twitter. Well not really, but in general we have adjusted our attention span to focus either on one big thing, or about 20 little things all at once. Keep it simple. Make it palatable and singularly focused. This also makes it simpler to use your keywords more effectively.

STEP 4 On your SO-Seo path
Remember The Socialists!

No, not the politicians or those fancy countries where everything is free. The socialists. The people who like to be social online. Don’t only consider Google and Bing (unless it’s Bing Crosby, then by all means, consider away). Remember that if the Socialists like your content, THEY WILL SHARE IT. It’s what socialists do. It’s inherent in their nature to share and share alike. And the more they share, the more socialists will see it. The exponential outcome of this is excellent for your online presence, and might even bump up your standing with the robots.

What will engage the socialists? First make sure you use plenty of variety across the social media. Each target audience is different. I don’t go to twitter for the same information I find on Instagram, do you? Well, neither do the socialists. Repetitive posts that are alike across all your media will get ignored. Think of your brand personality, and use that to drive traffic in an intrinsic manner rather than forcing it with repetition.

Socialists want information that is helpful. Solve a problem. Offer advice. Make a list. Link to experts. Care about your audience, and they will trust your brand and a strong relationship will be born. And hey, if at the end of all this you offer a product or service that they choose to explore, so be it!

STEP 5 on your SO-SEO Path

So pretty much just take everything I just said and put it together. Love people, love robots. Attract with a strong, engaging title. Keep is simple, one topic will do. Create content that the socialists will want to share. And the more they share it, the more robots will love you. And the more the robots love you, the more socialists will find you. It’s like magic.

And that, my dear friend, will put you on track to being one of the best SO-SEO Paths on the internet.

Until next week,

Liesl Kadile


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