Content Marketing: A study in personas and storytelling

Content Marketing Storytelling

As I continue to work on content marketing for Mistura, I completed an in depth study of the target audience. After understanding the audience and the brand, I created the following personas. Billy is a potential consumer for the Mistura watch brand, and Born personifies the personality of the brand Mistura. As a more in depth way to understand and relate to your target audience, many marketers recommend storytelling. In this instance I wrote a script between the two personas; Billy, the target audience, and Born, the brand persona. Content Marketing Storytelling is becoming more important in today’s marketplace, as most Gen X through Millennials want a story to connect them to their favorite brands.

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To truly understand the experience a customer has during the purchasing process, and in order to find areas in which to improve the experience, writing a story where the characters interact is common. I chose to write mine like a short script. You can access the pdf below:


I am currently finishing up my concept work for the guerrilla marketing part of this campaign, and will be sharing it all shortly!



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