Content Marketing Proposal – Research Your Product

Content Marketing Proposal  – Research Your Product!

The first and possibly most important step of writing a content marketing proposal is to research your product. After all, how can you research the target audience if you don’t have a good grasp on the product and the problem it solves?

I am currently working on a content marketing proposal for Mistura, maker of beautifully made time pieces.

mistura wood watch

In order to have a full spectrum view of the company I asked myself these questions:

How would you describe the product?

Mistura produces natural wood watches that are handcrafted with South American sustainable wood and 100% genuine leather. Expert craftsmen hand select the trees to ensure the exceptional quality.  Many of the styles are completely unique because not only does it feature real wood, but sometimes pressed flowers or other unique elements.

wood watch with flowers

What is unique or special about this product?

Environmental care and sustainability are always ensured during the creation to preserve our earth. Wooden watches combine style, elegance, quality, and sustainability.

It takes up to 85 hours to produce each unique handcrafted watch. After the wood goes through the drying process for about half a year, it is ready to be crafted to perfection.

What is the major benefit provided by this product?

It tells time in an artful manner.

What customer pain does this product soothe?

The target audience for this product has disposable income. They wish to look stylish and unique but they don’t want to feel guilty about it. They enjoy fine art and nature.

This product soothes the pain of desiring to act globally and being eco-conscious all while maintaining a fashionable consumer mentality.

Their market prefers eco-friendly brands as well as traveling and volunteering in social programs, but they still have the desire for status and fashion.

What are the features and benefits?




Know time

sustainable leather

guilt free quality

sustainable trees

unique piece of art

unique design

one of a kind – conversation piece

Plant a tree

Restore environment


white wood watch

Now that I have delved into the specifics of the product, my next step will be to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience and develop a concept for a campaign as well as a proposal for content marketing for the company. I will be sharing these ideas soon!

If you or your business need help with content marketing, graphic design, photography or advertising, feel free to contact me for a quote!

Liesl Kadile

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